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Donna S. Levin


Donna hasn't lived in New York for years, but she says "I'll always consider myself a New Yorker at heart." Since 2000, she and her husband Denis have lived in South Florida. Donna studied linguistics at Brown University and then went to Harvard Law School. Since retiring, she has devoted time to volunteer work, most notably to conservation of endangered sea turtles. In 2004, Donna gave her parents passage on a crossword-themed cruise as an anniversary gift. "I accompanied them," she says, "and I found that I genuinely enjoyed the challenge of constructing more than solving. Thus was born my second career." Donna enjoys solving cryptics and other non-standard puzzle forms, such as Rows Gardens, Marching Bands, and Split Decisions puzzles. She is a "killer" cribbage player, and she makes "the world's best butternut squash soup."

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