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Bob Klahn


Bob, a native of Buffalo, New York, grew up south of Nashville, attended Phillips Academy in Andover, and majored in mathematics at Princeton, where he discovered computers. A 41-year IT career in Wilmington, Delaware followed. A lifelong love affair with words led Bob into grid-building contests in the early '70s, and into serious constructing in the early '90s. Now as the manager and one of the founding members of CrosSynergy, Bob's computer programming skills have allowed the group to develop a collaborative editorial approach to preparing and reviewing its puzzles. Bob's hundreds of crosswords are renowned for the originality of their clues; The Wrath of Klahn Crosswords: Puzzles from the World's Toughest Clue Writer featues six dozen of them. While such crosswords led one disgruntled solver to issue a fatwa against him, on the gruntled side, solvers have said they can almost see and taste and feel his puzzles. Bob's favorite solver comment? "But he seems so normal!"

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